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6 qualities that should have your sports management software

In other post we talked about different software vendors sports management (you can see one here ) with which to optimize the management of the sports center. In this case I want to affect 6 points that I consider essential and you should be clear about when choosing your provider of this software. I assume you have clear objective you intend your acquisition (or change if you already have one).

1. Easily import your current data.

The first thing you should ask the provider is that is qualified to import all the data you have in your current software and does not involve a change of supplier chaos. Even if you ensure that it does, ask real examples of the platform that currently use to yours. If you still work without this kind of software and you do everything “by hand” or in an excel (which seem to me surprising if you keep open) the time destinarás to move from paper to the computer all your information should not be an impediment to informatizarte .

To this we must add that you should be able to automate as many processes to devote to tasks that contribute more added value. An example

2. Customizable and expandable

While all software on the market offer customize some concepts of the standard version, we must be clear about what our needs are and verify that software that will achieve the goals set for the acquisition of this software. If you have 1,000 subscribers but your goal is to reach 3,000 note that the software can digest. If you want to go slowly and when you settle a management program and reservations, you can check to incorporate other modules (accceso control, CRM, …) from the same supplier. It will be much easier management and maintenance costs also.

Look at the listings that develops that (high for months, average tenure, allocation of resources, paid by commercial, ….) Tool and if you need any specific not see in its catalog, verify that you can satisfy your request and check the speed with which made this customization. Otherwise, discard it. Have problems in the long run … .. or short.

After sales and updates 3. Service.

Fundamental. The Helpdesk is paramount to your software to work properly and any incident that may arise, that arise or yes, must be efficiently solved by your provider.

In many cases you look only at the purchase price and you have no account maintenance fee offering you. See if there is including updating and question how many updates are made a year and see how active and involved with continuous improvement is that provider. Find out if when improved version because another client has requested a specific feature, this is the feature to other customers.

Neither will you must trust those who do not charge for annual maintenance. Do you know any company that has people to solve any problem and do not involve any cost to her? then how can it be that not what an impact you? is it because when you go to call you will not find anyone across the helpdesk or take 3 months solucionártelo?

4. Integrated

Should provide subscriber management both in commercial and economic accounting having liaison with the accounting program that you use for that purpose if not you do the same vendor relationship management software. Also available on the same platform everything related subject areas, and access control system, remote control for the customer to make arrangements.

5. CRM

I have separated from the previous point because I think that this aspect affects the strategic vision of the club itself and affects the performance of the entire sales team of the club. If customer orientation is your pillar, this module is vital if you really want to deliver value and differentiate yourself from your competition. Many vendors claim to have CRM module and then check that the benefits are much lower than expected.

The less you should be able to know that each subscriber has registered the agenda to generate sales tracking and trade and integration and execution of mass mailings. You should also be able to segment your customers for their needs / objectives and customizing our proposals to address them.

6. You can measure and provide data to improve the management of the facility .

In short, this tool should generate added value for both the daily management of the facility and staff and customer. Efficiency should be an obvious attribute that must reach the sports management software. Have controlled domiciliary concepts such as receipts, return them. You also know your customers better and you can asoptar different actions to improve customer satisfaction and improve your financial results.

I have not put a price as you will see something decisive because there is disparity of price and varies depending on the qualities described in the 6 points. It is impossible for you to offer software 200 € and they tell you that includes all these aspects. Throughout my years dedicated to the management of sports facilities I can say that I have not invested (and unworn) less than 1,800 € in acquiring a decent software. To this amount you must add the annual maintenance fee. Few investments are so profitable.

Normally all they provide its customer base with those who are working. No cost to call two or three to ask their opinion.

Feet Barefoot Running packaging

Feet Barefoot Running packaging

  • Walking barefoot toughens soles. Photo Credit Jupiterimages / / Getty Images
  • Supporters of running barefoot believe that the act reduces stress on the heels and soles of the feet, decreasing their chances of foot injury. While research on barefoot running is poor, people around the world running and training without shoes or ถุงแก้วใส.
    TapeThe tape is a popular and durable way to wrap the feet while running. Unlike other tape, sticky tape, tape is easy to remove, causing minimal skin irritation. To wrap your feet, simply cut small pieces of tape, wrap each one around the lower parts ofyour toes. Now take another piece, larger and wraps around the base and the bottom of your heel for extra support during the race.

    Wraps clothcoats fabric, like a rubber band, can be used as wrappers for barefoot running feet. Cloth coats are ideal for people who need lightweight cushioning and support additional ankle while running. To wrap up, wrapping the cloth around her ankles several times before wrapping around the midsection of your foot. From here, wrap the middle of your foot before wrapping back around the top of his ankle. Secure the wrap with a small metal spike or Velcro closure.

    Taping BaseIf you have a minimalist approach to running barefoot, but needs some protection, apply several thin strips of tape white bandage on his feet. Measure the soles of the feet. Cut several pieces of tape and apply the tape directly to the soles of the feet. For more coverage, try applying the tape in a cross method to cover more area.

    CautionWhile running barefoot is a very popular sport that can improve endurance and cardiovascular health is important to take proper care to participate in a high energy sport. Talk to your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in running barefoot. If you have sensitive feet, running barefoot can be a potentially painful process. Make sure the area where you plan to run barefoot is free of hazardous materials , such as sticks and stones objects.


Is it good to go running every day?

The running is no longer just a fad for some has become an obsession. Every time we find more amateur runners on the street and many leave daily. Sometimes without thinking about the consequences that this abusive practice can have on your health.

The current economic crisis has been a determining factor in this boom , because the great advantage of this sport is its low price because they do not have to invest too much in kit. In addition you can go anywhere and do not need squaring agendas with friends or coworkers to go out for a run. To this adds its healthy character. “Done properly is very beneficial , ” says Daniel Martinez Silvan, specializing in sports physiotherapist and member of the Spanish Society for Traumatology in Sport (SETRADE), who speaks of physical, psychological and socialization benefits. “These are seen in a very short time and why it is so addictive , ” he adds.

But no matter how healthy it is, however profitable and much resulting addition causing, brokers amateur should be careful not to abuse this sport, especially after 35 when the joints begin to deteriorate. “The problem comes when what should be a healthy practice, becomes an obsession and we found people who had not done sport in his life running one hour, six days a week , ” explains Martinez Silván. This abuse of running is more frequent each time: a lot of new riders struggle to spend a day without running and that is where the problem arises. “I usually tell patients to the running it is like alcohol: if you take two beers a week alcohol is not bad, but if you take 20 a day can actually say that alcohol you are causing injury. But it is not the alcohol, is over , “insists physiotherapist.


Running almost every day prevents the lower limb joints (ankles, knees, hips), suffer the most during the race, they recover properly. The impacts suffered career knees are not particularly violent but are cyclical and highly repetitive (a standard broker can hit the ground about 300 times per kilometer). “In this way we are always burdening the same structures. When the load is too high (because we run a lot, very tough terrain or because we weigh a lot) and recovery is inadequate, joints, specifically articular cartilage, begin to suffer and can degenerate and go wearing gradually, “explains Daniel Martinez Silván.

Luis Franco, secretary general of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine (FEMEDE) and Unit Director of Sports Medicine at the University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus, insists that joint problems arise when the intensity, duration and frequency they are higher than they should. To this we must add “personal predisposition (genetics and biomechanics) of individuals or the existence of previous pathologies unknown sometimes not produce symptoms, primarily pain.”

The wear of the articular cartilage (chondromalacia patellae) may have further consequences and trigger early osteoarthritis, also known as osteoarthritis “by wear and tear”. This problem, increasing among young people by bad practice of sport is manifested by pain and stiffness of the knee. “The impact sports such as running can aggravate degenerative joint diseases but alone would not have to produce it , unless the intensity, duration and frequency of their practice is exaggerated or not appropriate to the individual characteristics of each , ” explains Luis Franco, who points out that running is no more dangerous than other sports in this regard.

Even in people with osteoarthritis backfires run. “It need not worsen symptoms if done properly, though perhaps not the most recommended activity. Best sports are less impact because they cause less pain in the joints, “says Martinez Silván. Both these corridors as those who do not suffer problems should “avoid excessive impact sport, improve muscle tone and stretch” to protect the joints, Franco says.

Good shoes also helps. “If we choose according to our characteristics (weight, shape tread, ground …) can better absorb the impact, so that the joints will not suffer much,” said Martinez Silván. The terrain is another influential factor. The sports medicine specialist Luis Franco advised to go jogging ground but insists: “If you can not do is better for health go directly asphalt not run.”

Different studies show that if the abusive practice of this sport can have negative consequences, run two or three times a week is highly beneficial. According to Stanford University can not only prevent the development of osteoarthritis but also the wear and tear of the joints.

Another investigation by the Division of Life Sciences Laboratory in Berkeley , California, concluded that people who travel long distances reduce the risk of osteoastrosis and the need for prosthetic hip implants.


In any case, the experts insist that no one is contraindicated to run. Let us not forget that the human being is designed to do and not to spend eight hours sitting, explains Luis Franco: “We now call regular sport but it was before. Our body is ready to run, hunt … ”

So there is no clear profile of people who should avoid running even an approximation. “It ‘s very easy to think about who and how are the best runners in the world (thin, usually medium-short and with long, thin legs) and logic can intuit that those with opposite characteristics are those worst conditions have “explains Daniel Martinez Silván. “This does not mean they can not run, simply it means that the race must adapt to their conditions and that maybe just started walking one hour every day, then trotted very soft one minute every 10 walk, then two, three, etc. “he adds.

Luis Francos, these people and those with osteoarthritis should avoid activities impact “especially in early stages of physical exercise”. Not that I can practice running it is that igual “is more advisable to perform less download sports like swimming, bike or elliptical” he concludes. And also check this out phen375 france | acheter phen375 en france.

The photo turned it over to the world the athlete

Gymnasts Hong Un-jong of North Korea and Lee Eun-ju of South Korea were protagonists at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro after a selfie photograph be taken and turn around the world.

While they were training during the break in competitions, the gymnasts decided photographed. The picture shows the athletes representing two countries facing each other, in a war that has worsened in recent years and it was brought into Photo Booth Wedding of many couples in Rio.

Photography has been regarded as a symbol of union between countries, as well as representing the values and motives that identify the Olympics: forget all enmity for a common good through sport.

Oral Health Of Athletes Can Affect Performance

Intense pressure on diet and training athletes could put them at high risk for oral problems for many reasons. Athletes need energy for training often means they have high carbohydrate diets and regularly use acidic sugary drinks, energy that can contribute to decay and tooth erosion, the statement, published online on September 28.

Professional athletes and teams spend time and money on improving performance to the limit to make the difference in elite sport, the leader of the collaborative initiative between groups of sports experts, elite athletes and oral health and medicine said sporty. “Simple strategies to prevent oral health problems can offer better fringe performance that require little or no additional time or money. Things like best techniques of brushing and toothpaste with high fluoride content may prevent toothaches and sleeping difficulties and deficiencies in training can make the difference between gold and silver, “the authors of the statement said.

And athletes at all levels of competition can protect your mouth using mouth guards, says the American Dental Association. A mouthguard is an essential piece of athletic equipment that should be part of the basic equipment of an athlete from an early age.For more information visit the website ADA consumer. The ADA provides patient education brochure, Sports Safety, which helps dentists to inform children and parents about facial protection.

A survey by the University College of London in the London Olympics of 2012 found that 18 percent of athletes said their oral health had a negative impact on their performance and 46.5 percent had not been to the dentist in the last year.

Eligible volunteer dentists can provide dental care for elite athletes of the United States Olympic team as members of health care Olympic Committee United States under an agreement with the Academy of Sports family dentistry.


The weights are purely anaerobic, meaning that the only fuel used for the activity are carbohydrates, glycogen, when you do weights first you have your reservations intact and can train with more energy and intensity. If you did cardio first, agotarías glycogen, when you get to train will not have energy, the necessary “fuel” is not available, as is anaerobic (no oxygen) can not oxidize fat because fat is burned in presence of oxygen. Your body wear muscle mass, protein transforms into glucose by gluconeogenesis and thus obtains energy, all that go to the gym to build muscle mass and end up losing. Also, if you do weights first you exhaust most of glycogen (carbs) when you go to do the cardio burn fat at higher rates for longer. That is, cardio after weights = WIN / WIN.

As the experts from DC personal trainer recommend 2 times to do cardio, you can choose one or do both if your time allows it. Cardio fasting carefully (you must do just to wake up and not wait more than 15 minutes at a moderate intensity 60 -65% of your capacity, which lasts no longer than 40-45 min., and just finished breakfast).You burn more fat because blood glucose / insulin are low, have not eaten, not enough glycogen available, and the body uses fat as an energy source, if you take the precautions that you din’t desgastas muscle, the body burns FIRST fat protein. Desgastas muscle if you exceed in intensity, duration of exercise. Now if you suffer from hypoglycemia, insulin, stress, etc. You can not do it.

Then do it AFTER the weights. 2 forms of work. If you are near your goal, you are looking definition, do these two forms in one day can benefit LOT. Fasting low / moderate intensity 60-65% and after weights at a higher intensity 75-85% of your capacity. To find your heart rate in these areas: 220-age x 0.60 and 0.65 x 0.75 or 220- age and 0.85. Gives you beats per minute.

Largest gathering of athletes: Maurice already beating the recall to the islands of the Games

During his speech, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Devanand Ritoo, spoke about the role of facilitator to minister to the various sports federations.
During his speech, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Devanand Ritoo, spoke about the role of facilitator to minister to the various sports federations.
We must be able to galvanize the troops and motivate Mauritian athletes to achieve their goals at the Games, namely reducing the maximum medals. Giandev Moteea, Chairman of the Club Maurice has heavily emphasized the need for a unifying sentiment around sports, including Island Games approaching. That was yesterday, Wednesday, August 20, at the Hotel Intercontinental Balaclava during the largest gathering of athletes and leaders of local sport.
More than a year before the JIOI, Maurice Club as the rest behind the rally, already wants to mobilize his troops. How to prepare our athletes?
“I give my all to put all chances on my side to be selected. For now, the preparation is going very well with the team and I can say that we are a united team. This cohesion and harmony that we earn will help us, for sure, to make an honorable performance in the islands of the Games, “ says Shane Dulmar (judo) .Jean-Luc Rosalba (boxing) noted for his part that” things getting serious now. I plan to train hard and attack all the tournaments I participate very seriously in order to have the required level to win the gold. “
For this, training is essential. Already in late 2013, after learning of the 14 disciplines chosen for the JIOI, Club Mauritius received the call 8 of them have made their training plans by this event. “Four others have developed their records and have given them to the desk officers of the Department of Sports, “ noted Giandev Moteea, who recalled that the Club Mauritius is accountable to sponsors by keeping them informed and sports performance.
“Pe ar lentrenema the manz! I get chills listening to the old glories of our sport speak of the Games and the atmosphere. As this will be my first Games, I am both stressed and all full of excitement, “ says Yvan Pierrot (weightlifting). While Shalinee Valaydon (weightlifting) points out that after the 2011 JIOI, she continued her training to improve performance. “I designed a gold medal in 2015 and what I want to do primarily is to establish a new Games record for my third, “ entrust such.
Hope Springs. And our athletes are full of enthusiasm to do everything to win the medals.
The JIOI “will make a great contribution to our pride in being citizens of villas in mauritius; yes, the islands of the Games will always remain a catalyst, a single moment of our identity Mauritian makes sense, “ says, for his part, Abraham Rawat, manager of the Mauritius Commercial Bank , the main sponsor of our representatives to next Games. The financial contribution of the bank to sports is available as follows: Rs 1 million already granted in March at Club Mauritius, Rs 1 million in January and additional Rs 3 million for the purchase of sports equipment.
After Philippe Hao Thyn Voon, president of the Mauritian Olympic Committee, in his speech, urged the media to play a constructive role in the coverage of the Games, it was the turn of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Devanand Ritoo to about the role of facilitator to minister to the various sports federations. Commenting on the investment of Rs 15 million spread over three years from 2013 in sports, he also mentioned the allocation of Rs 4.5 million annually to 70 athletes. But most important was the announcement of the rehabilitation of synthetic tracks at the stage Maryse Justin, in Reduit, and that of Camp du Roi Rodrigues, of a swimming pool construction project in Flacq. In addition, several other soccer fields, volleyball and basketball will be available to athletes. All of which will help athletes in their preparation for JIOI.
Finally, making a call to other private companies to support sports with additional funds, he ended by saying that sport is not just to reap medals but also to generate “feelings of patriotism, solidarity and fraternity”.

Suzy Favor Hamilton, Olympic athlete luxury prostitute

Although for years was a national example of improvement, this time he failed to get up and move on.Because of their bipolar disorder and medications to take, he was pushed to abandon his passion
Photo: Suzy Favor Hamilton, in an image file his fall in Sidney (Reuters)

Suzy Favor Hamilton, in an image file his fall in Sidney (Reuters)

Suzy Favor Hamilton, in an image of your Twitter

How one of the most celebrated athletes in the United States became the overnight in luxury prostitute ?This is the question answered Suzy Favor Hamilton in his autobiographical book, Call girl london , which tells the tragic story marked by a mere stumble. He fell into hell deep into the world of prostitution highstanding , after enjoying for years of the sweetness of success brushing the fingertips heaven. Personal love went to the existential hatred and he even think about suicide , but this book, which has gone on sale this Monday, September 14, has served as therapy to overcome a very painful period.

Suzy Favor Hamilton was one of the stars of athletics in the United States. He proudly and successfully represented his country during three consecutive Olympic Games -1,992.1996 and 2000, notching up seven medals in the 1500m . However, his last race in Sydney was traumatic for her because of a setback that ruined his dream cast.

Although for years was all a national example of improvement, this time I failed toget up and move on. Because of their bipolar disorder and medications to take, he was pushed to abandon their passion for sport and to turn around his life. Says in his book that the treatment had side effect was a disproportionate increase in sexual desire: “I was drawn to prostitution as coping mechanisms gave me when I lived very difficult times , “ he says.

Ver imagen en Twitter

Also in this sector he found professional success. He soon became one of the great stars of pleasure in Las Vegas. Under the nickname Luny Kelly, managed tobecome one of the best companions and cache stood at $ 600 per hour . However, a new missteps severed their dreams. His new life was uncovered by the media in 2012 and embarrassment by this double life he led behind their loved ones even led him to consider suicide as an escape route to his private hell. Fortunately he found a better alternative, tell his story in a book.

Entrepreneurs create application that runs enroll in athletics

You can also find data from different races that are available each month. His plan is to include other sporting events such as swimming and cycling.

They had a good job in earning a competitive salary and allowed them to travel and have a comfortable life,  but their desire to start his own business were more attractive than the stability that gave them their working lives .

Those craving for undertaking made three engineers in computing -graduated Technological Institute of Costa Rica  resign in July last year to their work and use their savings to devote full time to develop an agency project management software that work with  iOS  and  Android .

The application is called  Move!  And allows athletes who participate in athletics races consult information on the different events held in the country and even to join them in this way and pay .

Application developers are three good friends Juan Carlos Valerio Arrieta, 35, Alexander Wong Quesada, 36, and Jose Antonio Medaglia Monge, 32.

“For friends of the office running and made sport we signed some races for charity. We noticed there was no facilities to register for the races and access to information, “said Juan Carlos Valerio.

This represented the ideal opportunity  to create a new product .

“We decided that if we really wanted to pursue our dreams had to make a leap of faith and decided to quit my job. We took on the task of giving everything, “said Valerio

They worked day and night for five months (one day in one house, another day at the home of another), sometimes for more than 16 hours a day , to have the first version of the application.

His company is called Apptittude  and within its purposes is to promote the sport and this is done in groups, between friends .  

Operation and future plans

After installing the application, the user can see what careers are available in different months .

You can filter your searches by date, distance, location and choose whether you want to open races appear or guaranteed by the Costa Rican Federation of Athletics ( costarican authorities ).

Within the information displayed on the race date and time it is included, and if you have insurance, chip, hydration, refreshment, shirt and medal.

You can see real photos of what will be the medal and shirt to use.

In addition, the indicated cost, awards, place of departure and other details as an overview of the race. 

In cases where organizers permit, the application user has the possibility to enroll in the activity, fill your data and make payment.

The business would be precisely developers get a commission  which would be paid by the organizers inscriptions make athletes through the application.

Valerio said his goal is that as they grow, can incorporate other sporting events like cycling, swimming, sports and other engines.

Also, when registering the mileage of the races in which it participated, intended to rewardathletes who take more number of kilometers traveled in different events recorded in the app .

Alexander Wong, one of the founders, said they expect their project to succeed and, why not ?,generate job opportunities for others .

Wong highlighted how the enterprises are essential for a country.

“Although it sounds rude, the Costa Rican educational system is done to make good employees , ” Wong said. ” What makes countries and the economy moving is this (the enterprises)”.

The entrepreneur being is not an easy path, especially when so much effort gains are not seen immediately . Gradually these creators savings have been declining. But not for a moment regret their decision even wonder why they did not quit before .

“It was a comfortable life that we had, the life of employee no longer comfortable” concluded Jose Antonio Medaglia. “What we did was a sacrifice and we are happy truth. With Appttitude Move and we want to help people, the country, health, contribute to the economy . Hopefully soon we can generate work and, if not, at least, we are contributing to the economy moving inscriptions “.


Diet pills has come as one of the easiest to shed extra kilos programs.  Weight loss program is like a boon for those who do not want to spend most of their time in exercises.

FDA approved as one of the first in the counter diet pill is an innovative way to eliminate the extra kilos from your body. It works effectively to suppress appetite manner. You can lose your excess weight when they take diet pills in combination with mild exercises and a balanced diet.

Conversely, some consumers have been hesitant to diet pills after prescription drug fen-phen was pulled from the market 10 years ago, when it was linked to heart problems. But it is made of a different drug, orlistat, which does not affect the central nervous system and has been available by prescription under the name Xenical since 1999.

The pharma Alli Diet Pill lose unwanted kilos easilyca GlaxoSmithKline strongly emphasizes that Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido is not a quick fix and also states very clearly that it is no miracle drug, and only agrees to help people towards moderate weight loss. For example, if someone were to lose 10 pounds diet, they will lose 15 by combining their diet with Fast Diet Pills.

The diet pill works by blocking 25 percent fat to be digested. Users take one pill with each meal, and to avoid a ” oops,” they should eat less than 42 grams of fat a day, or about 15 grams per meal. But those grams of fat can be sneaky. One large Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino contains 15 grams of fat, and if a user  adds even low fat muffin to food, it could get messy.

And talk about the unpleasant side effects of Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar Rapido which may include diarrhea, gas and oily discharge, then these are quite possible. Therefore, it is recommended that before you start using  weight loss pill, ask your doctor the whole story with their doctors. Basically, the key to a successful experience with Diet Pills is to get the proper education about this drug.

In the past, the use of any resource that you like weight loss either or other plan, but make sure you will not suffer the greatest weightbull body; “That is a major cause of serious health problems as potential heart attacks, diabetes, depression and bone / joint problems. It is also important to understand that you should adopt a low-fat, healthy life

The best movies about athletics

Fire cars

Usain Bolt movie deserves. Or several. But while comes to the big screen the story of this great Jamaican sprinter, it might be interesting to take a look at some of the films that have focused on showing great moments or characters from the world of athletics .

For many the film most remembered about athletics is ” Chariots of Fire ” (Chariots of Fire, 1981), the true story of Harold Abrahams (a Jew) and Eric Liddell, winners of gold medals at 100 and 400 meters, respectively in the Paris Olympics in 1924. You can easily find these movies on projectfreetv

The British film won several Oscars, including Best Picture. Its exceptional soundtrack, created by the Greek composer Vangelis, is undoubtedly one of the great songs of the history of cinema.


Another noteworthy film is ” The Long March ” (The Long Run, 2000), the close relationship between a veteran track coach (excellently played by Armin Mueller-Stahl ) and a rebellious young athlete who has a dream: to win the difficult race of marathon Comrades, 90km.

Runnings (John Turteltaub, 1993)

His story is so far – fetched it seems fictional thing. Specifically, one of those comedies of the 90s in whose cast was (for example) John Goodman. But, as we learned watching this film, the Jamaican team bobsleigh exists, and despite coming from a country where it does not snow or wanting, behaved with great gallantry in the winter games in Calgary (1988). For memory are those hilarious scenes training, and also other more dramatic moments, watch it here couchtuner.

The Miracle (G. O’Connor, 2004)

Take my past by an invasion of Afghanistan, the US and the Soviet Union Olympic 1980 season exchanging insults and slights passed. This situation, which would lead to the US boycott of the Moscow Summer Games, had its most epic moment during the Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid (New York). Against all odds, the Yankee selection of ice hockey won the Soviet team, unbeaten since 1954 in a great match dubbed “The Miracle on Ice” and it occupies in the collective imagination over there an equivalent to the place goal of Marcelino in the Spanish football fans. This film, otherwise discreet, reveals the key to that success: Herb Brooks, coach of the Americans, was a lot like Kurt Russell.

 The best brand  (Robert Towne, 1980)

Screenwriter of Chinatown did not take just a gold medal for this film, also focused on the Olympics in 1980. But the debut behind the camera of Robert Towne deserves our interest for several reasons: first, the film focuses on athletics (in its feminine variety, specifically) rather than in other more photogenic sports. To follow, instead of the usual triumphalism, here we see the disappointment that the athletes were taken when the US boycotted the Moscow Games. And finally, the film caused some controversy in the past by involving the protagonist (Mariel Hemingway) in a lesbian relationship, being the party a true athlete (Patrice Donnelly) . This makes the film in a very interesting document.

Prefontaine (Steve James, 1997)

Life and untimely death of Steven Prefontaine, medalist and record holder American undercard, have inspired two films. The most popular, Limitless, he told with Robert Towne director (who, what you see, has a weakness for athletics) and Billy Crudup as the broker. But Prefontaine our interest is earned by having Jared Leto as the protagonist, thanks interpretation in which criticism of the US began to take it seriously, and with no less than R. Lee Ermey (the infernal sergeant Metal Jacket) as his coach Bill Bowerman. Who, moreover, was one of the founders of Nike in real life.

In the next installment I will discuss about other films dedicated to athletics , such as: ” Jim Thorpe ” (1952), about the legendary Indian runner norteamricano; “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” (1962); “Without Limits” (Without Limits, 1988), about the ill – fated American middle – distance runner Steve Prefontaine ; and “Across the Tracks” (Across the Tracks, 1989), a film where a yet unknown acts Brad Pitt .

Best race options and nature in Mauritius

Mauritius has beautiful being popular for relaxing at the beach, more and more tourists book a stay Air Mauritius Holidays to participate in activities focused on adventure or a personal challenge.

Running is a sport particularly popular in Mauritius, and there are many opportunities for fans looking for an official race or those who are simply motivated to exceed their limits in a beautiful setting. Here are some annual events of the racing calendar, and other options out of competition.

The Mauritius Marathon (Marathon of Mauritius)


The LUX * Mauritius Marathon takes place during the cooler winter months in the southern hemisphere, and now is the perfect time to train for the marathon next year, scheduled July 17, 2016. starting from the beach in Saint-Félix, this certified race following a route along the route of the south coast to the point of turn in Riambel, and you can admire the mountain of Le Morne Brabant (protected by UNESCO ) background throughout the course.

The Royal Raid


LUX * is also the sponsor of the series of mountain races encompassed the famous Royal Raid , the 11 th annual event will take place on May 7, 2016. This day will include three simultaneous races – 80km, 35km and 15 km – and take participants through the beautiful scenery of Mauritius, including the natural reserve of Yemen and the National park Black River gorges .

The Dodo Trail


Equally exciting, the Dodo Trail is another famous mountain race event and incorporates several different distances from the race “Xtreme” 50 km to a more relaxed 5K. The event takes place every July and contains difficult obstacles, including steep climbs of up to 3500 m in the 50 km race. This is a real opportunity to discover your own limits … and surpass.

The competition is not your forte?


Like run but are not interested in the events organized? No problem. Everyone can have fun practicing the race in Mauritius, you’re a casual jogger or a fan of the distance. Ask your hotel to see if there are circular race tracks nearby, or take a few kilometers to the beach at low tide (a popular option is to run Wolmar Flic en Flac on the west coast, but consider making the early morning to avoid the heat and crowds).

Want something more enduring? Why not contact a racing business trail as Yanature  ? The latter will create a tailor-stimulant race route, depending on your endurance level and what you want to see and do.

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Accounting in professional sports


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1. Introduction

It is obvious is the fact that the sport today – is not only a healthy way of life, but also a lot of money – huge investments, sophisticated marketing and hundreds of thousands of people involved in the sports industry. By definition, Professional sports – commercial and sporting activities, providing economic efficiency and the high value of information and entertainment sporting and entertainment events. The recent acquisition of the known financial genius of Roman Abramovich’s famous English football club and several football stars illustrative example the fact that professional sport brings enormous benefits to their owners. After all, certainly not for philanthropic reasons, he spent a considerable amount of money which could be invested well in the oil industry.

Every year, sports clubs, such as “Chelsea” and “Manchester United” committed purchase and sale of rights to certain athletes, and it should be noted that the sum of costs for the purchase of a single player in the tens of millions. Each won a game – it’s a multi-million dollar revenue from advertising and television rights, high demand for tickets and, of course, increase the “value” players. I got knowingly “quotes” because it is a matter of Human Evaluation is a problem of this work. Is it possible to consider a person as inventory or equipment? If we hold conservative views and follow the moral and ethical standards, of course, it is impossible. But then what about the millions of income and expenses that arise as a result of commands? Not occur as opportunity are clean, and everyone knows that everything has an explanation. The victory in the sport define the talent, ingenuity and skill, all of which characterize a person.

Research is dedicated to the management of the financial statements of football clubs. And more full disclosure, this work will be based on the FRS 10 standard: Fixed Assets Intangibles and Goodwill, similar to IAS 38: Intangible assets Accounting, which establishes all provisions. Financial reports also more literature FC “Manchester United” and tutorial of Eastern Suburbs bookkeeper be used: Human Resources Accounting players to identify ways of accounting in England. The main objective of this Studies have shown the example of English football clubs accounting methods financial and human resource-related transactions in the financial statements.

2. Man as an asset.

The subject assessment of human resources at the time interested many prominent theorists accounting. Interest in the problem of human resource accounting began to show since 1960, and basic accounting methods and recommendations have already been developed in the late 70s in the US, where the prominent theoretical research was conducted Eric Flemholtsem. In addition, recently, several studies related capitalization Person agree that “most significant assets and human resources people, the most important criterion of competitive advantages of the company”.

Oral health conditions of athletes of Athletics

Sports dentistry is one of the newest dental specialties, having been passed in the National Assembly during 2014 of dental specialties (ANEO) promoted by the Federal Council of dentistry. Is the area of dentistry dedicated to knowledge, prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases of the Stomatognathic system in sports, in which the Dentist Melbourne operates in a multidisciplinary team, to contribute to the general framework of athlete’s health, giving you better performance in their activities (Carvalho et al. 2007, Lima, 2012).

Most studies related to Dentistry is focused on sport injuries arising from sports that can occur from a laceration of labial mucosa until a fracture or tooth avulsion or fractures of bones of the face. The prevalence and incidence of orofacial injuries that occurred in the sport and the prevalence of the use of mouthguards are prominent themes in the area (Echlin and Mckeag, 2004).

However, sports dentistry is not limited to the use of mouthguards as a measure of prevention to the Lions, but also oral prevention and treatment of amendments which, directly or indirectly, could impair athletic performance, such as the mouth breathing, dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and dental and periodontal infections (Costa, 2009; Lima, 2012).

Athletics is one of the most popular sports in the world and this is due to the low financial investment for your practice. Being essentially individual sport, the athlete Athletics cannot afford to let anything affect his performance the minimum obstacle will influence the results. Because it is widely practiced by people of low financial conditions, poor oral health can be a variable that influences directly in her performance.

The Federal Government has a social program geared for athletics, which is the National Athletic Training Center (CNTA), maintained through covenants. In the case of the State of Ceará, this agreement is signed with the Brazilian Confederation of Athletics-CBAT and the University of Fortaleza-UNIFOR, and meets young talent in the North and Northeast. This program aims to develop young talent and spreading the practice of athletics and the training of teachers, technicians and academics (CBAT, 2010.)

Thus, the objective of the present study was to investigate the oral conditions of athletes linked to the National Athletics Training Centre (CNTA) of the State of Ceará.


This work is a study of descriptive and transversal type on which they were evaluated 30 athletes of the National Athletic Training (CNTA) G/box.

To check the time of practicing the sport, the training week, use or non-use of mouthguards and traumas caused by the practice of sports, used as data collection instrument a structured questionnaire.

The dental situation was investigated through the index of decayed teeth, missing and filled (DMF). Already the periodontal status was investigated through the PSR (Periodontal Simplified Registration). Those who had 3 or 4 were considered PSR with periodontitis. All subjects of research conducted before clinical prophylaxis.

The athletes were classified as type of breath (nasal, buccal or joint). This was through four tests. The first test, the touch on the lips at the time of anamnesis with relaxed breathing (TL). Was done spontaneously, without the evaluated had knowledge. At rest, if not rated’s lips touch, was regarded with greater possibility of oral breathing. The one who kept his lips sealed, without the need of muscular effort, was considered nasal respirator. The 2 Test took place at oral cavity Filling with water (PCO). With the oral cavity filled with water, waited 3 minutes yourself. The one who managed to keep his mouth shut during that period was considered nasal respirator, otherwise, oral breathing.

The third test was the verification of the nasal airflow (FAN). The participant was asked to breathe deeply. Thus, it was noted if he breathed through the nose or mouth, another clue to whether the participant has nasal or buccal breathing. In the last test that evaluated was asked to breathe through your nose. The same dilation provided us with another possible characteristic of nasal respirator, while the expansion not classified as a chronic oral breathing.

Mouth breathers were considered those who obtained the four requirements related to mouth breathing (absence of lips touch, deep breathing, dilation of nostrils not buccal, and those who could not stay with your mouth full with water breathing only through your nose for 3 minutes). The nasal breathers were considered when they did the characteristic tests of nasal respirator (presence of touch the lips, deep breathing, nasal dilation of nostrils and breathing only through your nose during the 3 minutes with a mouth full of water) and mixed or buconasais were those who, on the results of the tests, had bracketed situations as mouth breathers and other as Nasals.

Also sialometria was performed to measure the production of saliva stimulated the patient. To stimulate salivary production used a 2 cm silicone device attached to a dental floss. The patient was instructed to chew this device and hold the wire. As was salivating, was spitting on a device to collect saliva during 5 minutes. The total volume was divided by 5 and noted on a card the value found in ml/minute. The sialométricos values are: < 0.1 ml/min, assialia; 0.1 to 0.4 ml/min, severe reduction; 0.5 to 0.9 ml/min, moderate reduction; the 1.19 0.91 ml/minute, light reduction; 1.2 to 2.5 ml/min, ideal; > 2.5 ml/min, drooling.

After collected data were tabulated and analyzed through the Microsoft Excel ®. This study was submitted to the Research Ethics Committee of the University of Fortaleza and approved under opinion No 142/11


8 (27%) were evaluated female athletes and 22 (73%) male. The average time of practicing the sport in years was 5 ± 3.7 years. As for training, week 2 (7%) athletes trained 3 times a week, 2 athletes (7%) trained 4 times a week, 16 (53%) athletes trained 5 times per week, 9 (30%) athletes were training 6 times a week and 1 (3%) athlete training every day of the week.

About occurrence of oral lesions and/or facials, 22 (73.3%) athletes did not present a history of injuries, while 8 (26.7%) present or already presented some sort of trauma due to the practice of sports. Among the reported injuries, 1 (12.5%) athlete performed bone injury history, 7 (87.5%) of soft tissues. None of the athletes makes use of mouthguards.

When evaluated the type of breathing, it was found that 12 (40%) perform nasal breathing, 2 (6.7%) were mouth breathers and 16 (53.3%) presented breath mixed type.

Dental evaluation found a DMF to 4.9 ± 25 teeth. The decayed component had an average of 1.1 ± 0.8 teeth, while the components lost and filled have obtained an average of 1.4 ± 1.5 and 2.5 ± 1.5 teeth, respectively.

Assessing the presence of periodontal disease through the PSR it was found that 5 (17%) presented PSR 3 or 4:00 pm at least 1 Sextant, compatible with the presence of periodontitis, while 25 (83%) did not present periodontal bag.

Sialométricos tests have found that 1 (3%) showed severe reduction of saliva athlete, 14 (47%) athletes a moderate reduction, 3 (10%) a light reduction, while 12 (40%) presented an ideal salivary flow.


Barberini (2010) considers that if makes it extremely necessary the presence of a dentist as a member of the technical committees, because to the extent that they are problems caused by the practice of sports such as accidents and injuries in the orofacial region, in particular, dental trauma, the dentists are the best-qualified professionals to resolve these situations.

The traumas caused in sports represent a significant portion, of 14 to 39% between the etiologies of dental trauma (Sane and Ylipaavalniemi, 1988). In athletics, object of the present study, although the literature has few reports, it was observed that 26.7% of the athletes had suffered some kind of injury.

The present study showed that none of the evaluated athletes, uses some type of Mouthguard during training or during competitions. This shows disinformation that athletes have about this protective gear, 26.7% of athletes since the present study showed some kind of oral lesion. A study published by Yamada et al. (1998) scored 32.3% of occurrence of oral injuries in the sport, with only 0.8% occurred in athletes that use the Mouthguard.

According to Lima (2012), the athlete with a proper oral health, tends to his system work better and more effectively, because the oral conditions have systemic implications, since the infectious processes of the oral cavity can spread to the rest of the body. Periodontal disease, advanced caries with absence of teeth, are degenerative diseases, which lead to the death of abrupt way, but slowly in the course of life, decreasing quality of life little by little and, therefore, decreasing income sports (Choi et al. 2002).

Can be considered as chronic oral breathing the individual who develops an inadequate standard that can be oral or mixed (Govind et al. 2009). Whereas in this way, in this study, 60% of the athletes could be classified as such. One of the many complications that affect the athletes, the mouth breathing is present as a problem often overlooked, you can change your aerobic performance.

The release of nora-epinephrine was observed during prolonged exercise and is associated with reduced salivary flow (Libicz et al. 2006). According to Laing et al. (2005), an interesting way to ensure that this reduction of salivary flow doesn’t happen is to keep a person hydrated. The frequent intake of fluids throughout the year leaves the mouth constantly wet, sending signals to the nervous system to the production of saliva does not cease. In the present study, it was observed that 60% of the athletes showed some kind of reduced salivary flow, ranging from a severe reduction in the light. A study by Bishop et al. (2000), where 15 athletes were analyzed during 2 hours of cycling and confirmed increased salivary secretion rate when they ingested fluids during exercise, compared to that of a lower moisture regime.


It can be concluded that most athletes assessed has good oral health condition. However, the use of mouthguards should be more widespread, as well as a nasal breathing pattern must be established in the group.

10 dogs ideal for athletes

Of course any dog in good health with dog joint supplement is able to join us when we exercise, but there are some breeds that are more suitable than others if we want our furry friend to follow us up. You want to know what are 10 of these races as athletes? Go for it:

1. Pit Bull.

One of those labeled PP (dangerous dog) tops our top ten athletes dogs. From the physical point of view, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the ideal companion: strong, muscular and strong. As for his character , no problem. Pit Bull A well trained from puppyhood will become a peaceful and stable adult dog. In addition, he is a very confident race that warmly welcomes any proposal to break the routine.

American Pit Bull Terrier

2. Pointer.

If you are a responsible hunter or just like to spend the day on the mountain, choose a dog show as the Pointer. As a good representative of the hunting dogs , the cheerful Pointer is a hairy … tireless. It also has great flexibility and a sense of direction that perhaps you out of any trouble if you do not bring a map (or mobile) in your backpack.

English Pointer

3. Weimaraner.

One of the favorite sports enthusiasts races is the Weimaraner . Remember that originally this furry was dedicated to hunting , but when he reached the hatcheries European her beauty, her elegant demeanor and the look that melts thee) made to be placed as one of the best big pet dogs in the world. The beautiful Braque Weimar has a long and strong musculature, together with its extraordinary resistance, he or she makes the best companion in the world to go running.

Weimaraner wb

4. German Shepherd.

On merit we incorporate the faithful German Shepherd in our top ten athletes dogs. This breed is well known as a rescue dog by its physical characteristics, but also psychological. Fast, very active, with a nose … A strong dog outside and – well trained – balanced inside, the perfect combination for athletesof high level.

German shepherd

5. Boxer.

Boxer cheerful already included it in our list of ” Best Dog Breeds for Children ” remember? Also enters our sport list by several factors, the tremendous energy, strong muscles and those tremendouswill to live that seek professional athletes in their hard training.


6. Mastiff Spanish.

Many athletes looking for the “perfect dog” to continue their pace, they do not remember a classic dog that accompanied the shepherds in the mountains for generations, the resistant Mastiff Spanish .This BFG (up to 100 kg for males and 80 females) is as strong as it seems. Another quality that makes it the ideal companion for mountain lovers is its extraordinary sense of protection . With a Mastiff by your side, you’ll kick the whole mountain without fear of predators of two or four legs.

Spanish Mastiff

7. Newfoundland.

Another perfect for fans of the furry water sports and also the fishing . Newfoundland is one of those lovers of water dogs are happy as fish when they go swimming. A curiosity: did you know that Newfoundland have the footpads webbed ? A genetic characteristic that explains, of course , the reputation of this wonderful breed among fishermen around the world.


8. Greyhound.

We do not forget to include here one of the most affected breeds by evil hunters , the faithful and stylized Greyhound . A greyhounds love to go hunting, but also enjoy a lot with a simple race through the countryside or a long walk. A great athlete but also one of the great neglected and abused in our country.


Lhasa Apso 9.

Do you love sports, but live in a tiny apartment ? No problem, here you have the wonderful Lhasa Apso . This little lion from distant monasteries of Tibet is a big dog in a small skin: Strong, brave, friend developments and challenges … A great little friend who will run out in your sports outings.

Lhasa Apso

10. Labrador Retriever.

We could not close our list of athletes dogs not to mention the tireless and playful Labrador, right? As you know, the Labrador Retriever is an extremely dog lover water , so if your favorite sport is swimming … Adopt one! Big and strong, sturdy legs, large muscles and cheerful and playful character, this hairy face is a of the most photographed in the wonderful beachesPet-Friendly “.

Labrador Retriever chocholate

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